Why BYTS Data Services?

Within our 18 years of experience, we have seen how devastating data loss can be. We can fix hardware and software problems, but the one thing we cannot replace is your data. Whether it be family photos or financial information, we understand you need it back, accessible, and secure. BYTS Computer Repair can implement preventive measures to help lessen the chance of data loss, and the need for data recovery. We can also help transfer data to new machines, so you can finally be rid of that old computer. And if the unthinkable happens, we can help with data recovery usually within a few days.


100% Of All Hard Drives Will Fail Eventually.


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What Can BYTS Data Services Do For Me?

Data Recovery - Data Transfer

Data Transfer

Wondering how to get all your data from that dusty old computer over to the new shiny one? BYTS Computer Repair can help setup that new machine by installing new programs and transferring your data.

Data Recovery - Data Backup

Data Backup

Did you know that hard drives are the most common part to fail in your computer? They also contain the most valuable component, YOUR DATA! Having a simple and inexpensive data backup setup on your machine can help prevent losing those precious memories.

Data Recovery - Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Computer died? Hard drive crashed? Don’t give up hope. Our expert staff may be able to recover up to 100% of your data and get it back where it belongs. To you! Don’t delay, if you have suffered from data loss, time may be of the essence.